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 Visa Refusals Causing Heartbreak. Dont Let It Happen To You. 
Know the real requirements for a partner visa (not just the ones shown on the visa checklist).


No one knows what it’s like to have the love of your life stuck outside Australia without a visa to get here to be with you.  You think about it every waking hour. You are dealing with two different countries now, not to mention two different cultures and knowing exactly what to do next just isn’t happening for you. It hurts.


You are wading through the minefield of information on the immigration website and to be honest now you aren’t even 100% sure you are eligible to apply. The thing is IT HAS TO WORK, it just has to.


You’ve turned to people who have been through the process have been hit with even more confusion – conflicting stories, nightmare refusal stories and application processing times far too long for couples to be apart. An unwanted cloud of uncertainty is swirling around over your future together.


When you’ve met the love of your life you just need to choose the country to live in and its not as easy as it looks.


If you are wanting to…..
-know out what NOT to do in your visa application
-know how to show immigration your relationship is actually REAL


Find out what really matters in a Partner Visa application by downloading my free guide to the Top 3 Ways to Avoid Partner Visa Refusals and get out of the minefield of immigration information.

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As a licensed Registered Migration Agent focusing on family migration, I am fully committed to working personally with every client, to understand his or her unique circumstances and prepare an immigration package to facilitate the highest probability of success. A relentless advocate on your behalf, I understand all of the complexities of Australian immigration law and work to avoid unnecessary expenses and delays in the process.

Adept in navigating the complex Australian immigration laws, I offer clients the most efficient personalized immigration assistance services with the highest rate of acceptance. Partnering to meet both short term needs and to assure future success, I build longterm relationships with each client.

EMAIL: jk@aattainmigration.com


You will receive a strong Australian visa application from Jennifer who relies upon the following sources of information.

These are key to a successful application with minimum delays.

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