Week 2

The forms are:

Form 956 x 2 to be signed by the Sponsor and Applicant. This forms allows me to act on your behalf.
Form 888 x 2+ at least 2 to be completed by an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
Form 40sp to be completed and signed by the Sponsor
Form 47sp to be completed by the Applicant
Form 80 to be completed by the Sponsor

jennifer-khan-logmeinYou will find these forms under the ‘forms’ tab in Officio, (the Jennifer Khan Client Portal accessed from the Client Login page on www.jenniferkhan.com ) This is where all forms can be filled in and documents uploaded. As you complete your forms make sure you save as you go by clicking ‘Save to Officio’ in the purple box. All the forms must be filled in fully. We cannot submit the application if any required information is mission. One of the forms (Form 80) can be given to immigration after we lodge the application, so if you are time poor complete this form after we lodge.


The Client Portal provider (Officio) indicates ‘While you can continue to enjoy other features of Officio on all browsers, we recommend that you use FireFox to work with the forms. If you experience difficulties  I believe it is more time efficient to just download the forms, fill them in outside of Officio and upload them to the ‘documents tab’. Trying to fix technical issues will take too long, especially if I am not available for a couple of days to get back you.

Do not worry about signing your forms. Once the forms are filled (excluding the signatures) I will create a version that you can sign electronically from yourscreen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-17-08-pm
email address using the Docusign System.

For all statutory declarations (relationship history statements and those written by witnesses on Form 888) these must be signed by hand in front of a suitable person (list provided on the Statutory Declaration form on www.jenniferkhan.com under the instructional videos). You have up until the day we lodge to provide signed statements. Unsigned versions, first drafts etc should be sent to me as soon as possible so that I can use them in my legal submission letter. The submission letter takes days me to write and involves legal research. I’ll need to have this letter completed by week three or four.

Surprisingly it can take around a week to complete forms as there are questions where you need to rely on other people to get back to you i.e.; the address and birthday of a contact in Australia.
Whenever you need assistance contact me via the methods under Communications Policy. I’m here to help!

We hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.