Laverne Gaudan

Paralegal - Click on my photo for more about me

My name is Laverne. I take interest in the arts, culture, and people. I ventured the customer service world in 2013 to develop a strong ability to build rapport with people, so I became a customer service representative. In 2016, I decided I’d like to develop my confidence and stand out in a crowd of people, so I became a trainer. I am also a believer of love and fairytale endings, so I worked as a wedding coordinator in my free time. And now, it is unquestionable that I’d like to bridge gaps between people’s lives, so I became a migration paralegal.  With all my experiences combined, I aim to touch people’s lives and use my talent to serve others. I am a passionate, free-spirited, and kind-hearted woman who is ready to take on life’s challenges.