Finance for your visa AND migration assistance now available!

Some of you are waiting for the right time to apply, and some of you are waiting for the funds to get started.  For you I am very excited to announce a new partnership I have established with Money for Jam and Migration Alliance.

This means you can obtain the necessary funds, with very impressive repayment amount requirements,  so you can get started as soon as possible for your visa application.

The key features are:

– Wide range of finance length
– No/Low early Termination fees
– Quick 24-48 turn around time
– Good/Bad Credit
– New to Country

What is amazing about this service is Money for Jam can take a look at any client on any visa or residency status!  I already have clients working out the finance contracts so they can now move forward and get what they truly want with far less stress.  I am simply elated for them and consider this to be a trouble free process.   They anticipate receiving the funds next Monday, only two days after applying.

Finance for $5000.00 may only  require $24 repayments per week, for $25,000 – may only required $110 per week.

And just a very important note, after attending a seminar for immigration law updates the message was loud and clear

If you have been watching the news you will now there is a lot of uncertainty now around visa pathways, now more than ever.   So take heed, if you are eligible now, do your best to apply now and of course with my help if you need it.

Take the time to look at what this new partnership offers you and your loved one, or perhaps a friend or colleague.    


Money for Jam are the finance experts – they will speak to you about this aspect of the visa application.

If you are concerned about eligibility for the visa book a  strategy session  with me as soon as you can.

If you haven’t already taken up our offer you are still eligible for a FREE 30 minute strategy session where we get clear on your goals and what is best for you in the immigration process.  If you don’t intend to take up this offer forward it onto a friend who could use the help.
Click on the blue box above  to make a booking!

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