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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I have my login details for the client file yet?  

Under policy, a client file  can not be initiated until  the first deposit is paid according to the Aattain Migration Client Agreement. A folder will be set up for you and you will receive an invitation from box.com to access your folder.  You only need your email and to create a password.

The application has been lodged but I still have more information I want to include in the application. Is it too late? 

Further information should be provided within a month of lodging unless otherwise advised. 

Under migration law there are strict requirements for particular documents at the time we lodge.  I will not submit your application to immigration unless we have all of these. This means if your application is lodged immigration will have all the mandatory requirements.   Most of the time I advise clients to provide further information to strengthen the application.  Further information should be provided within a month of lodging unless I advise otherwise.

What about my police check yet. Why was the application lodged without it?

Police checks (overseas or Australian) are not required at the time we apply. 

Police checks are not required when I submit your application.  In fact, immigration prefer if you wait until they send a written request.  This is because sometimes partner visa application processing times exceed one year.   If the processing time exceeds one year your police check will expire because of a one year validity date.  The police check validity date is shorter for some countries.  I will advise you if we should submit a police check at time of application.

You will know from the discussion we have had that processing times can be up to one year by the time a case officer is allocated to your case.  You will also know that most of the time my clients will receive a visa grant within 4-6 months with an increasing number of clients receiving their visa grant within 1-2 months.

Can you attest AND certify my documents?

I can certify all documents and scans of originals except for statements/statutory declarations

Scanning original documents and uploading them to your portal for me to certify is the easiest way. Immigration ask for clear colour copies.
For statements and statutory declarations: these will need to be signed in front of a suitable person such as a JP. In Australia you can use any person provided in the list on the Commonwealth Statutory Declaration form. Different countries can restrict who can witness your form further.  I can witness statutory declarations however it is usually quicker to go to your nearest JP (or other suitable person).

When do I do my medical? 

You must wait for immigration to provide a HAP ID number before you undertake a medical examination. 

Immigration will send a letter including what they call a HAP ID number.  When this happens we will locate the clinic for you to undertake your medical examinations so you can make a booking.  You will need to take the letter from immigration with you to clinic.  I do not see any of this information. The time for which the medical results reach immigration is outside of my control.

Can I have a copy of the Australian Values Statement?

To find the current Australian Values Statement please go to

https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Life/Aust/living-in-australia-values-statement-long Can I have a copy of Life in Australia book?

To find the current Life in Australia book please go to


When will I receive updates about my case? 

You will be notified upon any updates from immigration immediately. 

I will notify you immediately when I receive a communication from immigration about your case. I will also contact you in the event that any government policy changes result in needing further action about your case.  I advise every 1-2 months that you provide further information to me (updated banks statements, records of communications, photos of family events attended etc).  This then provides me a pathway to contact immigration and ask for an update on your case as I will have something to add to their file. In general frequent requests for immigration to provide updates is not welcomed by immigration.  I understand that waiting for an outcome of your case can be an anxious, even stressful, time however I ask that you do not contact me frequently for updates as I will keep you informed as needed.

My circumstances have changed. Who do I contact?

Fill in the required form and send to me. 

Don’t forget you always have the obligation to inform immigration if there is a change details

such as name change, passport change or family members.

For changes in address or passport details you should use


For changes in circumstances you should use


Fill out the forms, asking me for advice as needed, and send to me.

Will you help me after my application is lodged?

Absolutely!   The client agreement we signed means my partner visa services are for you right up until a decision is made on your visa.  The success of your application is of primary importance to me – this means I am here to assist you when you need.   Keep in contact with me using method in the communication policy.


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