Partner Visa Application Fee: How much is too much to lose?


There are all kinds of risks in relationships and love – asking a person on a first date,  telling a person you love them for the first time, relocating to be with your girlfriend.  We all know sometimes romantic relationships last a life time and sometimes they don’t.   The process of going through a partner visa application can place a great deal of  negative pressure on keeping a relationship going.  More times than not I see people who won’t let an immigration process get in their way.  But I’ll often hear a common fear, ‘What if the visa is refused?

What recently struck me when I considered  visa applicants over the last several years  is that since the immigration fees have increased to nearly $7000 another fear is admitted, ‘What if the visa is granted,  but then our relationship doesn’t even last? There goes the visa fee, relocation fees, a job…’

Years ago I would never experience a client admit this fear to me. If the fear is ever revealed I think it usually would be to a close family member or friend.  Since the partner visa fee increase I do sometimes hear a client admit a strong fear of financial loss.   The total cost of relocating countries to live with a loved one can be huge when considering airfares, wrapping up work commitments, insurances, immigration assistance fees, medical costs and so on.   What if things don’t work out?  What if the partner migrating to Australia doesn’t like it here, or misses their family too much?  This is huge emotional and financial pressure.

There are many couples who have a ‘whatever it takes’ commitment to make sure they can be together.   I have to agree that I would take the same approach moving forward in a way where the ultimate decision is not about money.  Beliefs and attitudes around money, abundance mindsets or lack is not something I am confident to give advice about. I do know that, simply put,  if we work we can gain money in addition to borrowing from friends, family or banks.  Generally speaking I think we eventually find the funds to do what we need to do. For that reason money pressure can be taken out of the decision whether or not to apply for the partner visa.

Several months ago I sat down face to face with a client for a lunch hour.  There were legitimate concerns as to why he thought their relationship wouldn’t last long term.  I loved his approach, because although he was clearly worried at the thought of losing a lot of money if the relationship didn’t work out he said, “I love her.  Even if after she gets here she falls out of love or doesn’t like it here she deserves this chance.  I love her and she’s a good person, I’m happy to put the money into it.”

I wish it were easier and cheaper for those embarking on the partner visa process, especially when there are no guarantees.  The faster you commit to a process the faster your partner could be in Australia including earning Australian money.  After that, more experiences and challenges to come!  Read on for tips to help you through (click on images below).


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